Accept To Progress

This egocentric world has taken over our outlook in life. We only consider our individual thoughts and actions correct; what everything else thinks, says, or does is wrong, unless we approve of it. And how fucked up have we become? Why can’t we just accept each other for who we are and what we continue … Continue reading Accept To Progress

Capturing Nothing

Have you ever felt something that meant absolutely nothing? Something that was really nothing? Under the spotlight of darkness, you forget it all – the pain, the sorrow, the wrong choices that brought you to where you are today. Then you wonder, why am I feeling the way I am? I brought all of this onto … Continue reading Capturing Nothing

Life is Good

I won’t lie, March was awful. Bad, bad, bad. I have trouble getting through that month every single year. I can’t find the reason behind my struggle with said month, but I find that it has a lot to do with the change in weather. I guess, my body likes to be in its cold … Continue reading Life is Good