In Terror Of Hope

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A lot of times, we forget to notice the little things that take part in our day to day life. Have you ever realized how we take breathing for granted? It has become so involuntary that we forget it’s importance – life. I read this quote earlier this year and have sworn to live by it for the rest of my life:

Little is needed to live a happy life.


My inborn affinity for nature has never faded and I doubt that it ever will. Being around it brings so much life into mine and I can never thank Mother Nature enough for it. I mean, just look at those colors the sky has to offer!


This post is here to remind you to never stop appreciating the little things in life because they matter the most. Be humble. Be kind. Be reminded what brought you to where you are today.


Photos taken with a Nikon D300 during 4:45PM – 5:00PM sunset.

For You.

A couple of nights ago, I couldn’t help but wonder what brought me to where I am today. How did I get into photography? What started it all? Why am I still going at it? So much more questions circle my thoughts, leaving me in a half clueless half know-it-all state (I’m not complaining).I go through them again and again. Another question adding into the already filled question cup. These are then metaphorically stirred into answers and suddenly things make sense. I’m am where I am simply because I want to be where I am. It may not be all ironed out at the moment, nevertheless, I am content and I appreciate the state I am in.

In line with this, I figure I should provide my readers with more than just art and words. I shall provide you with lessons as well. Beginning today, I’ll be leaving tips and info write-ups on how my photos were taken, how was the set up, or why I chose to use a certain film. I want to provide you with something more than just a vague understanding of film photography. I feel as if this world continues to provide new information everyday but never in purpose of someone else, only of our own. Let’s change that.

There may be so many aspiring photographers out there. Some better than the best and we just don’t know it! I want to share my thoughts, my experience, and my technique with you all in hopes that we create a photography community that isn’t afraid of giving and sharing and being kind.

In hopes of your engagement in this new addition to be included in future posts, I wish you an amazing week ahead and ask you this: are you happy where you are now?

Life Update

People, we are a couple of weeks till the end of 2016. Unbelievable. I feel like the last five (5) years of my life has just breezed through, you know? And my 22nd birthday literally just leaped past me! I will never really know the change it’s brought me. *sigh* Just kidding, it brought me chicken pox. Yep, chicken pox. With all jokes aside, I really haven’t been posting lately for a number of reasons which I can tell you all about in a day, but mainly because I have been crazy busy with work. Nevertheless, I’d like to share with you a little life update since the last time I posted.

kodak-200_0024It was a pretty warm day, that day. But it wasn’t warm in an uncomfortable state. It was the kind of warm you feel when the sun’s soft 7am rays hit your face to wake you in the morning. It was the kind of warm you feel when you hug your lover under the blankets during a cold rainy night. It’s the kind of warm you feel when summer dances hand in hand with spring.

I bought a butt-load of 35mm film. This is pretty much the cause of my bank account’s near death experience. I bought about (6) rolls of film yet feel extra sad because my Olympus OM-1 is in desperate need of a good cleaning. I’ve had it for over 2 years now and have not ever had it cleaned from the time of purchase.

I got a new camera! If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@isbl_b for both platforms; follow, follow, follow!) you would know that I recently got a Mamiya 645 1000s – my first ever medium format camera! I’ve been eyeing this baby for a couple of months and thanks to a special friend, I finally have it in my hands! I have yet to have processed my first ever 120mm roll of film (I used a Kodak Portra 160). And because I am in no state of leaving my home without terrorizing citizens around the area with how I look, s=it seems like my test roll will have to wait this one out.

I’ve been binge watching Ghost Adventures. We all have our guilty pleasures and mine just happens to be easily accessed thru Youtube accompanied by sleepless nights and dessert for two…. past midnight.

I have yet to tell more but it saddens me that I can’t support my words with pictures.



Olympus OM-1 | Kodak Colorplus 200

Quintessential Living

I’ve only just settled into the cold hard bed that is November, and already, I am bewildered by what this month has brought and what it has yet to bring. (Still a little hungover from October’s happenings but, hey, I’ll get over it.) Now, in spite of the challenges ahead, I am quite hopeful of the opportunities I have yet to receive for myself. I continue to question the abilities I hold as a being on this planet. Am I enough? Am I at my best? Am I giving too much? Regardless of what the answers may be, surprisingly, I’ve got a feeling that I might just be on the right track.


When questioning life’s Jack-in-a-box moments, the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty always come to mind. It’s not that I hold a secret life behind what I wish for my readers to perceive of me. No. Thinking about it now maybe I should create a secret life. Ala Vivian Maier perhaps? Although…. what good will this bring? Also, I haven’t figured out how this would benefit my already messed up state as a 21-soon-to-be-22-year-old living in 2016. This topic most definitely deserves an individual post.


I have not found the quintessence of life. I am still on a voyage to discover it but I do feel like I’m on the right track to finding it! I urge you to do the same.



“What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?”

 – George Eliot

Olympus OM-1 | Kodak Ultima 1oo

A Lack of Prismatic Thoughts

I don’t recall  ever avoiding colors as a child, and I bet you don’t either. Our thoughts filled with the utmost brilliance of hues and tones that express all these emotions that leave you carefree at the end of each day. Yet the older we become, the harder it is to run the color-creating factory you have inside you. Envy, regret, and sadness introduce themselves as loving beings, yet strip you of every tone you have ever spewed out from your head. Brights are now a shade of charcoal, pastels are now a mushy gray, and you’re left asking yourself, “Why?”





Olympus OM-1 | Kodak Colorplus 200

Life Would Be Dream


“I desire to be locked in a quiet room, lying on a mattress, and reading this book. Perhaps even under one hour, preferably with you.”

I came across this quote whilst scrolling through my Twitter timeline an hour before I got off work the other day. I couldn’t help but want this desire; a thirst for this sense of peace. I guess the question now is, where do we find this “peace”? Is it out there? And if so, where? Is it reachable? Should I look for it or should I make it happen? These are questions that continue to resound in my head. I’ve been wondering for years and still left with nothing.

All I desire is happiness. I used to think that happiness was found in a place or sourced from another being – preferably someone with I’d have an emotional attachment with – but one day, without being struck by change, I realized that it was just a state. A state you can jump in and out of in which none of it is an obligation nor should is it a default substitution of emptiness when people question your emotional state. We all have different perceptions of happiness and how it resonates within us. Differing in effect for each and everyone of us. We shouldn’t try too hard to find happiness based on someone else’s experience on it. Nor should you, reader, pressure yourself into finding happiness when it has clearly left the building.

I guess the question now is, have found happiness?

Well, I think I might just have.

Olympus OM-1 | Kodak Colorplus 200

Limbo Loop.

Depression has been something I’ve struggled with for so long. In a constant limbo, I juggle countless emotions causing unreliable behavior. Anxiety has played a big part in it, placing itself as the star of the show for every chance it gets.

Travelling from one mental state to another; is there salvation from this? Or is it only I who can save myself from this chaos of lost merriment?






Speak Only From Your Soul

Don’t let others say otherwise.

I struggle to produce work aligned with an aesthetic that isn’t of my own. The only thing I hate more than roaches is creating art for someone under their rules and their terms. That’s, initially, not how I role. But what can this penny-less girl do in this money-driven world but give into what society is expected of her to do?

So here I am thinking, “I wish I never got involved in this.” But then again, if hadn’t gotten myself involved in this, how would I really know what it meant to be a photographer? Or on more practical terms, where would I get the money to support myself and pay the bills?

I still wish to continue producing art spoken from my soul. I want to do good in this world. That’s all I want, really. Be a person with a good heart and cherish what’s left of what this long life has to offer me. I shall not waste my time thinking of what I could do other than what I am already doing.

I urge you to do the same: live.

Here I leave you with random photos I took with my trusty Olympus OM-1.





Olympus OM-1 | Kodak Ultima 100

Hey, it’s me again.

Countless are the times I’ve had to introduce myself online – each of it reminiscent of the get-to-know-me portion at the beginning of each class in a new term. Nevertheless, here I am for the nth time. I’ve done a few blogs here and there – none of which have satisfied me enough to stick to it, hence, the reason you’re reading this. I’d like to tweak this introduction a bit. Less words, more pictures. Let this blog serve as my self introduction – never ending and constantly changing.

I’m Iza. I’m a photographer who graduated from fashion design school. And so, hello, dear reader. Thank you for being here at this moment. I ask that you be patient and enjoy a fruitful life journey with me.



Olympus OM-1 | Kodak Ultima 100