In Terror Of Hope


I found myself laying awake in bed in the darkness of the night a couple days ago, frustrated in wonderment, thinking about all the things I can’t wait to accomplish this year and how short time I have left. There’s nothing wrong with being a little too hopeful and I pride myself in it. But when does it go overboard? Or will it ever?




Dreaming is amazing. Dreaming is believing. Dreaming comes at a cost I am sometimes not willing to pay – the self-doubts, the overthinking, the presumed failures. Perfection surely does not work hand in hand with it – something I struggle to rid off in my book of systematic rules to live by.

I try to keep my life as simple and as justified as it can be. Very little is needed to live a happy life. So far, this quote has been driving me to live a more peaceful life. I find my thoughts to be less cluttered and my prioritizing skills better than ever before. An excess of any kind is no longer being tolerated, although, I am having trouble refusing a second cup of coffee.



Enter a more focused and happier version of me – it’s been a long time since I’ve felt a great amount of self-assurance towards something I’ve been working hard on this year. The plan has actually been idle since I don’t know when, so it feels good to finally get things flowing again. Everyday I take another step towards a better version of me in hope that I surpass the limits I thought I had yesterday.




Grit and perseverance comes in many forms. One of which is your inspiration. When you find it, it comes to you as an unlocked chained door to a new level of knowledge, self support, and value. One that allows you to continue playing your cards with full confidence against those who’ve played the game all their life. There is strength and light in all of us to keep going. Let’s not be our own hindrance.



Creative Direction by Isabel Berenguer. Photography by Gio Lo.



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