Jolted by the intensity of the wind swung by life, I’ve been in a rut; in a slump; stuck, if you will. Things haven’t been clear (when have they ever been?). Especially with the type of photography I want to do. There’s fashion, travel, photojournalism, and fine art. I simply can’t decide on what I want to specifically focus on. I know, I know, I shouldn’t succumb to society’s rule on just doing one thing. As much as I’d love to be a jack of all trades, it wouldn’t hurt to be a queen of one kingdom for once, you know?

Anyhow, I’m babbling. Here are a few photos I have re-edited in lieu of the self-teaching I am doing for Adobe Lightroom filters. This self-teaching is being done just so that I don’t impulsively buy filters available online for thousands of pesos. Sure it’s an investment! But it’s not the investment I need to make at the moment. Again, babbling. 






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