For You.

A couple of nights ago, I couldn’t help but wonder what brought me to where I am today. How did I get into photography? What started it all? Why am I still going at it? So much more questions circle my thoughts, leaving me in a half clueless half know-it-all state (I’m not complaining).I go through them again and again. Another question adding into the already filled question cup. These are then metaphorically stirred into answers and suddenly things make sense. I’m am where I am simply because I want to be where I am. It may not be all ironed out at the moment, nevertheless, I am content and I appreciate the state I am in.

In line with this, I figure I should provide my readers with more than just art and words. I shall provide you with lessons as well. Beginning today, I’ll be leaving tips and info write-ups on how my photos were taken, how was the set up, or why I chose to use a certain film. I want to provide you with something more than just a vague understanding of film photography. I feel as if this world continues to provide new information everyday but never in purpose of someone else, only of our own. Let’s change that.

There may be so many aspiring photographers out there. Some better than the best and we just don’t know it! I want to share my thoughts, my experience, and my technique with you all in hopes that we create a photography community that isn’t afraid of giving and sharing and being kind.

In hopes of your engagement in this new addition to be included in future posts, I wish you an amazing week ahead and ask you this: are you happy where you are now?


4 thoughts on “For You.”

  1. YAY YAY YAY! I used to do this in my blog. I should do this too. More knowledge more power. HAHAHA! Weeeeeee! Can’t wait ❤


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