The Rise of The Met

What was once a focal point for Manila’s high society, treated like a gem at its peak, The Metropolitan Museum, or simply the Met, is now nothing more that an empty structure slowly disintegrating into itself. Although its exterior may not show as much damage as its history has said it’s experienced, the interior of the Met tells about just that – ruined. Stolen electrical wires and balcony seats, wooden floor pieces removed from their beds, doors and windows too rotten to open, and so much more. The Met today would probably be the perfect scene to get lost in if you were filming a horror movie with the protagonist having been eliminated in the end. Tragic.

With continuous efforts for rehabilitation having been made in the past, it is only now that a full and hopeful one will be done – praying to God that it would be a successful one at that. The National Commission for Culture and the Arts had finally claimed restoration for the historical structure, allotting millions of pesos for the full revival of the long-forgotten astounding theater.

I trust that love for culture will bring back what was once a majestic palace that hosted the artistically inclined beings of the past. I hope to one day walk the new polished wooden and marbled floors of the building just like the elite did back in the day. How marvelous would that be?

The Met today.





Olympus OM-1 Zuiko 50mm 1.8 | Kodak Portra 400

For updates on The Met, may I suggest you follow a dear friend of mine who is currently in the works of creating a photographic collection and is using the building as her setting. Her name is Aia and she is an amazing photographer. I highly suggest you check her work.

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